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     John Wilfred Hebert is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter. He was born in Bay City, Michigan and is an accomplished musician playing with numerous bands and players of various genres over the years. Growing up during the years of Michigan "rock n' roll" he has developed a focused, intense and soulful style of guitar playing. Influenced by the late Terry Kath and Michael Bloomfield as well as Santana, Clapton, Hendrix and many others he has developed his own style of playing. John started playing at the age of 13 when gifted with his first guitar by his musical parents who en-couraged and supported him. He was inspired by the Beatles and at the time, was also trained to read music with formal lessons on the trumpet. His first electric guitar was purchased with hard earned money from teenage chores and still is in his possession as of today. That vintage acquisition is a 1963 Gibson ES-330 which is now part of a large collec-

tion of other guitars and amplifiers. John is currently continuing to perform and compose music of a blues/rock nature and works with various musicians.


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